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MARC applauds CMS adoption of new MSP compliance thresholds….CMS exempts liability settlements under $1,000 from MSP compliance…..Agency implementation of SMART Act welcomed by Coalition….    CMS announces elimination of full social security numbers in Section 111 Reporting process…Key goal of SMART Act implemented by Agency...MARC members grateful for elimination of major obstacle to compliance . . .. CMS action big win for retailers and self-insureds…    CMS announces implementation of new “Portal” in 2016….interactive “Portal” was a key goal of SMART Act….new “portal” will enhance functionality of MSP system and permit repayment of CMS during settlement….    MARC awaits CMS rulemakings in 2015 to fully implement SMART Act requirements…..     MARC thankful for Representative Tim Murphy’s ongoing assistance on SMART Act Implementation….Coalition applauds Representative Murphy’s advocacy before CMS on MSP issues…..

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Humana v. Western Heritage Insurance Co., recently decided by the federal district court for the Southern District of Florida, Humana v. W. Heritage Ins. Co., 2015 US Dist. LEXIS 31875 (March 16, 2015), poses a serious threat to the viability Continue reading READ MORE…



Since MARC’s inception in September of 2008, the Coalition has achieved numerous reforms in the implementation of the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) laws in the legislative, regulatory and legal arenas.



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