MARC Coalition Applauds Passage of H.R. 4302, Deferring Implementation of the Murray-Ryan Medicaid “Allocation” Provision

The Medicare Advocacy Recovery Coalition (MARC) applauds the Congress for protecting Medicaid beneficiary rights with the recent passing of H.R. 4302, (SGR Doc Fix). Section 211 of this important legislation included a provision deferring until October 2016 the implementation of section 202(b) of the Murray-Ryan Budget Agreement, which negatively altered the balance of Medicaid secondary payer recoveries previously allowed by law. MARC members recently met with dozens of Congressional offices, urging House and Senate leaders to repeal Section 202(b) of the Murray-Ryan bill.

MARC members communicated their strong opposition to the Murray-Ryan provision, inserted into a larger budget package at the end of last year, which removed important beneficiary protections when beneficiaries settled liability cases, and which would have complicated and delayed claims resolutions with large and small businesses.

“Medicaid secondary payer issues are very important to MARC” said Michele Adams, Director of Claims Management & Business Strategies for The Walt Disney World Resort Company and Chair of MARC. “We anticipate that Medicaid issues will continue to be important, and that MARC will proactively advocate and develop policy alternatives to ensure that beneficiary settlements are not interrupted in the future” said Adams.

About MARC:
The Medicare Advocacy Recovery Coalition (MARC) is a national Coalition advocating for the improvement of the Medicare and Medicaid Secondary Payer (MSP) programs. The Coalition collaborates and develops strategic alliances with beneficiaries, affected companies, and a wide range of other stakeholders to work with the Congress and government agencies to implement MSP reforms that will improve the process for all. MARC’s membership represents virtually every sector of the MSP regulated community, including plaintiffs and defense attorneys, brokers, insureds, insurers, insurance and trade associations, self-insureds and third-party administrators.

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