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  • Steve Franck

    I tried everything I could think of to get the issue with Medicare resolved, but at the end of the day, a simple coding issue prevented me from getting the care I needed for my back for entirely too long.

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  • Bertha Mire

    After being a nurse for 48 years, a flag on my Medicare account, caused by an unrelated workplace injury, led to months of confusion as I went through the process of bloodwork, x-rays and other surgery prep while being told workers’ comp was still my primary form of payment.

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  • Erica

    I am a 93-year-old Medicare beneficiary in California. In 2022, I fell at home and needed medical treatment. My doctor recommended a scan, but when my radiology practice submitted the claim to Medicare, the claim was denied.

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Medicare Beneficiaries Impacted by Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Laws

The MSP system is broken, and Medicare patients are often left hanging in the balance. If a Medicare beneficiary is injured and another entity is required to pay for their healthcare expenses – such as in a tort case, workers compensation claim, or auto insurance payment – there can often be significant disruptions in the future of that person’s medical care. For example, someone injured in an auto accident could have Medicare deny coverage for an unrelated surgery years later.​

  • Have you struggled to have Medicare claims paid after settling a workers compensation case?
  • Did you get reimbursed after an accident, then struggle with Medicare on a future claim? 
  • Have you been denied coverage by Medicare after being reimbursed from an automobile injury?​​​

If you are a Medicare beneficiary and any of these issues occurred with your Medicare claim, please tell us your story.  Your personal experience will help MARC advocate for positive change and seek much needed MSP reform on Capitol Hill. We will not use your identifying information without your consent.

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